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Iuvenum & Forma is committed to extraordinary healthy and beauty solutions to offer you internal SPAs of pure natural essences from forests and oceans.


Pursuing perfect harmony between nature and human units, every inspiration of our product series is generated from profound understandings of natural ingredients supported by hi-tech access to material selection and quality assurance.


Manuka honey is the unique bioactive monofloral honey which swept around the world for its antibacterial, healing, health-enhancing properties. It can be made into sweetening agent, thick honey, honey ointment, and facial cream.


ITO Therapy Series is based on a profound understanding of pure natural properties, supported by hi-tech recipes which caters to health requirements of body regions. Enbrace ITO and enjoy your body revitalization by nature's tender care.


Iuvenum & Forma proposes an altered emphasis of health maintenance from emergent medical treatment to daily preservation and natural health care. Join hands with us and start a balanced life of overall wellbeing.

Our vision

What we deliver is not only nourishment or beauty products but the tender care and natural wonder from the universe.